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Can you give us any feedback on editing quality and communications with them? What type of turn-around time you got between edits, replies to queries, etc?
A few months ago I looked at a number of Musa books selected at random, and found editing problems in every single one: a lack of consistency was obvious in them all, as were issues with things like basic punctuation use, and sentence structure. These problems were more than enough to seriously impact the readability of the books concerned.

I've heard from many of their writers over the last few months, and have been sent a number of emails which have been sent out by Musa (and imprints) to all its authors: these emails have been eye-opening. They were aggressive and bullying in tone, and placed the blame for some of Musa's shortcomings squarely on the shoulders of the authors.

I was appalled by them. They were extremely unprofessional, and in my opinion, abusive. I would not even consider submitting to Musa just because of those emails, even if their sales were good (which they aren't).