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Thread: The Triolet Trail

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    The Triolet Trail

    The triolet is somewhat of a rarity, maybe because some incorrectly see it as little more than a shorter (and therefore also easier) version of a pantoum or villanelle. This poem and thread sparked an idea - we've had the Haiku Chain (many of them), the Cinquain Train (2 I know of), now I'd like to suggest the first Triolet Trail.

    A triolet is a poem consisting of two stanzas of four verses each (8 verses in total) - however the metric count is independent of the form, so tetrameter, pentameter, hexameter, heptameter, octameter etc all acceptable, even in alternation or each verse its own - but anything above hexameter would be rather imposing to come across and quite a challenge to write (especially, say, octameter). The tri (3) in the triolet is reference to the first verse appearing 3 times: verse 1, verse 4, verse 7. Additionally the 2nd verse is repeated also as the final verse and the rhyme scheme is strict ABAA ABAB. Sometimes stanzas are presented as a single merged stanza - as I suggest we do in this thread.

    So as to function for a game - the 2nd verse which is repeated as the last verse of every triolet will function as the first verse of the following triolet - a visual diagram to elucidate:

    (number is the verse in repetition, x is non repeated verse, letter is rhyme)


    Every new post will use verse 2 of the previous poem as verse 1... does that make sense?


    As a show of good will - and because I just have to, I'll go first:

    For a time, watching the willow,
    enveloped in its obscure gloves:
    green snakes that catch the soft billows
    for a time. Watching the willow
    in sights caught close in cloud pillows
    as precedents of lucid love --
    for, a time, watching the willow
    enveloped in its obscured gloves.


    Your line to start: enveloped in its obscure gloves

    Extra Information: Anyone feeling suitably inspired by this thread or thinking of exploring the possibilities for publishing repeating forms such as triolet, pantoum, villanelle, rondeau, sestina etc should pop over to Tilt-a-Whirl magazine. As can be expected - polish your offering, then polish again -- and make sure to read the guidelines thoroughly before you submit. They even have a cheat sheet to help you tighten up your piece prior to submission.

    note: tilt-a-whirl magazine closed its doors in August 2014, but is still available as an archived resource.
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