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Thread: The Triolet Trail

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    Huh. kkbe's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    Left of center
    Offer me half of what I ask
    (better you know, than I know myself).
    My cup is dry. Your brimming vasque:
    offer me half. Of what? I ask
    you. Quench my soul and fill my flask.
    (You'll find both on my closet shelf.)
    Offer me half of what I ask;
    better you know than I know myself.
    Last edited by kkbe; 06-23-2019 at 05:15 PM.
    From my novel EFFIN' ALBERT:
    “Who called that cop Billy?”
    “His momma,” he says.
    “Oh.” I don’t ask how he knows. Albert knows stuff, I don’t know how, he just does.
    I go, “Why don’t he like it?”
    “´Cause she—” He takes a sip of pop.
    “´Cause she what?”
    “She knowed he done bad stuff.”
    “What bad stuff?” Same time I’m asking, I’m thinking I don’t wanna know what bad stuff.
    “I’m sleepy,” Albert says. He shuts his eyes so I get his pop and put it on the floor next to the bed, then I walk over to the door and stick my ear against it, try to hear what Mom and the cop’s talking about. Can’t hear nothin’.
    Maybe that’s a good thing.

    /kk's blog/ is on temp. hiatus.

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