Yeah, whatever. Multiple incidents of racism, apology and promises to do better, followed by more racism. Check.

An apology about Lyons' sexually explicit messages which implies that since romance is an intimate business, and since it's so hard to supervise people who are not physically there, it was just a big old oopsie. Check.

Failure to believe multiple authors about one who's harassing and catfishing. Public statement that boy oh boy, we sure got fooled, sorry we didn't have your backs, my bad. Check.

Frankly, there isn't anything they could announce at this point that would make me consider them for submission or make me buy from them. If I were one of their authors, I'd be seeking my rights back even if the contract were not expired. I think the remaining partners would be wise to close up shop and return rights, then get themselves a competent business advisor before launching a new venture.

Maryn, disgusted