All right, so here's the scenario.

I have a character who gets a rather large wound on his chest and he's leakin' like a sieve. He travels with another character to a rendezvous point, unexpectedly, but when they arrive, he's lost too much blood and he passes out.

The first question would be, how much blood does someone have to lose before they pass out?

So, after he passes out, the people around try to tend to him, but unfortunately, they can't seem to stop the bleeding. Another character steps up and volunteers to cauterize the wound using magick - he can blow fire from his mouth.

So this is a double question.

Would the fire even work to stop the bleeding and save his life for the moment? Also, if he was passed out, would the heat of the fire on his skin wake him up?

Mind you, this is magickal fire, so it can be directed to a certain place with relative ease.