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    Author of Hell to Pay (Blood for S) alvin123's Avatar
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    I was dared to do an experiment to see if the salesmen of Author-house knew anything about the publishing world. I know this seems wrong, but notice I didn't disrespect them or anything. I asked them a simple question and didn't get the response I hoped for. I concluded that most self publishers don't research or know anything about their competition.

    Please wait for a site operator to respond.
    You are now chatting with 'Reese'
    Reese: Hi, good afternoon. This is Reese
    Reese: How may I help you?
    Author of Bound: Hello, Reese. I'm just browsing and I'm wondering why / or need a reason why I should choose Authorhouse over Lulu?
    Reese: I dont know much about Lulu but I can definitely tell you more about Authorhouse
    Reese: We have been in the business for 14 years and we already published far more books compared to any other self-publishing houses.
    Author of Bound: Okay... never mind... I can learn about you guys via the website, but I just wanted someone who knew about publishing to convince me why I should choose you guys over have a good day.

    EDIT: Proof, because i conducted the same experiment with

    DavidL: : Please hold on while I have a look at the information you have provided.
    David L: How can I be of assistance?
    Me: I'm just browsing and I'm wondering why / or need a reason why I should choose Lulu's services over Authorhouse?
    David L: Let me first state I do not know anything about Authorhouse... Our company offers authors a comprehensive, user-friendly experience, that is, we provide you with free tools to create your book as well as the means by which (our own website and our distribution packages) to market and sell your book. We currently have a free book offer so if you publish before the end of the month, one copy of your book will be free. You really have nothing to lose.

    The competitors either are not allowed to speak about each other or the salesman really don't know much about the other companies.

    Anyway, my preference is lulu simply because they're not slapping me in the face with a large price.

    (of course, I'll Self-publish my novel if all agents reject me.)
    Last edited by alvin123; 07-27-2011 at 10:53 PM. Reason: MORE NOTES to the experiment
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