So I've had an idea (not an original one of course, but one that hasn't had a lot of use) that I think has lots of mileage; solarpunk. I like the idea of solar technology, and I like the idea of cyberpunk. What I want to do is combine the two into one cohesive theme/worldbuilding idea.

I'm struggling a bit in figuring out exactly what the details are, so I'd like help in doing that. I don't want anyone to dictate my writing, but simply provide some thoughts to give me a bit of creative juice.

What I have so far is only basic, simple thoughts.

-Obviously, there needs to be a reason why solar technology is used so cheaply and so frequently. Perhaps oil/coal/etc has run out/is only the resource of the very, very rich, and to accommodate everyone's needs, solar power was heavily developed? And maybe the earth's ozone layer or whatever is changed in such a way that solar power is more powerful?

-Since Cyberpunk frequently deals with the fusion of man and machine, I'm wondering how that could work with solar power. For an idea as to what I'm looking for, I was listening to the Writing Excuses podcast, and in a discussion on a hypothetical Cyberpunk story. They mentioned that there could be cybernetic tattoos that replaced the idea of ports or wires that is prevalent in cyberpunk, and that these tattoos could be solar-powered. I think that is a very interesting concept, but I hesitate to use an idea others have come up with. I still like the concept of solar power being so attached to our bodies, though.

-There also needs to be a cynical side to all of this, which I'm not at all sure of; I know cyberpunk tends to have the "all-powerful corporation" theme going on, but unfortunately, I have not read too many cyberpunk books (though I have read a good amount of sci-fi), so I don't know a good scenario for a corporate greed plot. I should probably get to reading a bit of cyberpunk, but regardless, I need some ideas to get my brain moving.

-I can figure out the main character, of course, but what sort of unique occupations would arise in a solarpunk world that I could use?

-What are interesting real-life emerging technologies that I could modify to use in this setting?

-What could be a good general "aesthetic" for the setting: I.E, in cyberpunk there's wires, internet ports in the skull, and etc. How would solarpunk look?

Again, I don't want anyone to feel like they're dictating a novel to me; I just want ideas to start flowing. Thanks in advance.