In the wake of another rejection (from an agency I admit I had rather pinned my hopes on), I sought advice and sympathy.

The advice has been divided 50/50 on the following:

Query an agent or an editor?

Have a complete book in hand or have a good start so the agent/editor can guide you in the way they prefer?

Must must must go to conferences to pitch agents/editors face-to-face or snail-mail is still okay?

I'm frustrated but energized right now -- after a couple days of stewing, begging, and yelling (my prayer life is as chaotic as the rest of my life , an idea on how to make the book better dropped in my lap at 6:30 am today.

Now I want to aim the further adjusted and polished work into the chnnel that will be the most productive. Agent? Editor? Both?

It'll be finished shortly, so that's not an issue. And the family budget simply will not stretch to conferences (mortgage and heat outrank them, you know?).

Those of you who have been on this funhouse ride longer than I, what's worked for you? I write fiction -- thrillers.


- the Lily