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Thread: [Submission Service] eQuery Online

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    Apparently eQuery Online is still spamming the world. I just received two copies this afternoon within five minutes of each other:

    12 August 2007

    A. To Submit Your Manuscript
    B. Networking Opportunities
    C. Publishers Buying Manuscripts




    "Using eQuery Online I just sold my first novel to St. Martin's press!"

    -- Steve Carlson / Jacksonville, Oregon

    "The agent who I snagged though eQuery online has just advised me that an editor at a major New York publishing house now wants to make an offer on my novel!"

    -- Wayne Arthurson / Edmonton, Alberta

    "The dumbest thing I've ever done is NOT use eQuery Online sooner! I received responses to read my manuscript from people at Bantam Dell, Kensington Publishers, Penguin Group, and so many agents! I recommend you to every writer!"

    -- Julie Palella / Naples, Florida

    eQuery Online is currently allowing writers, unpublished and published, those seeking an agent or those already agented, who receive this email newsletter to use its service for 50% OFF. They send your description of your novel or children's book, custom addressed BY INDIVIDUAL NAME to well over a thousand appropriate publishers and literary agents.

    More details are posted on their website at

    Most recently, writers using eQuery Online have received requests to read their manuscript from the major publishers including:

    Penguin Group | Random House | Berkley Publishing | Avalon Books | Grove/Atlantic | Daw Books | W.W. Norton | Ballantine | Warner Books | Viking | Simon & Schuster | Doubleday | Morrow/Avon | Scribner | Bantam Dell | Houghton Mifflin | HarperCollins | Kensington Publishing | Knopf | Random House Golden Books for Young Readers | St. Martin's Press | Touchstone Fireside | Vintage Anchor Books | Farrar, Straus & Giroux | Harpertorch | Tor Books | Crown Publishing

    ...and from the major literary agencies including:

    Sterling Lord Literistic | Andrea Brown Literary Agency | Sandra Dijkstra Literary Agency | Trident Media Group | William Morris Agency | ICM (International Creative Management) | Marly Russoff & Associates | Joy Harris Literary Agency | Curtis Brown | PFD (Peters Fraser & Dunlop) | Writers House | ZSH (Zachary Shuster Harmsworth) | Writers' and Artists' Agency | A.M. Heath | Artists and Artisans | Gelfman Schneider | Artists Literary Group | Brick House Literary ...and more.

    They LIMIT THE NUMBER OF USERS to only 7 fiction writers per week and commit to those 7 writers on a FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVE BASIS. Logging on to their website right now lets you reserve a spot for the period starting this MONDAY AUGUST 13TH.

    More details are posted on their website at



    5th Annual Southern California Writers Conference:
    Crowne Plaza Hotel, located near John Wayne Airport in Irvine. Address: 17941 Von Karman, Irvine, CA 92614. Phone: (949) 863-1999. September 28-30, 2007. Be sure to book your room by no later thatn Sept. 14th to ensure the super-discounted SCWC rate. For more specific information phone directly (619) 303-8185.

    Maui Writers Conference:
    Labor Day Weekend -- Friday, August 31st - Monday, September 3rd. Call to register (808) 879-0061 9930




    Publisher KNOPF acquires from first-time novelist DOMNICA RADULESCU her manuscript "TRAIN TO TRIESTE" which tracks the life of a woman who flees her native Romania at age 17 for Chicago, via agent JODIE RHODES.

    Agent KATERINE COWLES negotiates a payout from publisher ST. MARTIN'S for the novel manuscript "THE TRICKING OF FREYA" about a woman whose search for a mysterious relative takes her on a journey through the mythology of Iceland, for first-time novel writer CHRISTINA SUNLEY.

    First time novel writer MATTHEW GOODMAN sells his manuscript "HOLD LOVE STRONG", about a young man's harrowing upbringing in a Queens housing project, to publisher TOUCHSTONE/FIRESIDE via agent VICTORIA SANDERS


    RANDOM HOUSE pays out low-six figures to first-time novelist C.W. GORTNER for his manuscript "THE LAST QUEEN", about the last queen of Spanish blood to inherit the throne of Spain who's haunted by lurid rumor, via JEAN V. NAGGAR LITERARY AGENCY.

    "CASTLE OF THE STARS", a novel manuscript by writer ENRIQUE JOVEN, a suspense story narrated bya Spanish Jesuit physics teacher who attempts to unravel the mystery of the Voynich Manuscript, earns him low-six figures from publisher WILLIAM MORROW via agent THOMAS COLCHIE.

    Agent MOLLY FRIEDRICH scores low-six figures from publisher TWELVE for first-time novel writer ELIZABETH KELLY for "APOLOGIZE, APOLOGIZE!", a tragicomic tale of a wild, brilliant, crazy, wealthy Massachusetts family.


    First time novel writer DANIEL SHARFSTEIN scores mid-six figures via STROTHMAN AGENCY from publisher PENGUIN for his manuscript "SUN & SHADE" a sweeping story of three black American families during historical times.



    Note that they claim to be for subscribers only. (Right.) I also find it amusing that they include these announcements of mega-sales. Are we supposed to believe that these came from eQuery customers?
    Last edited by eqb; 08-13-2007 at 01:39 AM.

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