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Thread: [deprecated] The Absolute Write Dictionary

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    [deprecated] The Absolute Write Dictionary

    Admin Note:

    I have created a new FAQ: Absolute Write Dictionary. In that thread, I have ruthlessly exploited E.G. Gammon's efforts as well as those of many others. It was getting difficult for people to find terms in this otherwise excellent thread. Please go to the new thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by E.G. Gammon View Post
    With all the terms and abbreviations scattered about the boards, I felt it would be useful (especially to those new to the boards) to begin an AW Dictionary. I'll get it started
    1. AW - Abbreviation for the name of the boards (Absolute Write)

    2. PA - Abbreviation for the publisher: 'PublishAmerica'

    3. NEPAT - Abbreviation for the 'Neverending PublishAmerica Thread' located in the 'Bewares and Background Check' Board

    4. BIC - 'Butt-In-Chair;' A method of writing involving sitting down at a desk to write and not moving until the words start to flow (or until you go crazy)

    5. Atlanta Nights - A writing project by a group of writers (many from the Absolute Write boards) set into motion to expose PublishAmerica's flawed manuscript submission process. Read about and purchase the 'novel' here:

    6. Travis Tea - Pseudonym of the group of writers behind 'Atlanta Nights.' If you know about the 'Atlanta Nights' project, I'm sure you'll appreciate the humor behind the author name chosen - that is, if you say it fast enough

    7. WIP - Abbreviation for 'Work-in-Progress;' Term writers here use when discussing their current project

    8. SOS - Abbreviation for 'Stories of Strength' - Absolute Write's Hurricane Relief project started by Jenna (the board's webmistress) in the wake of Hurricane Katrina's devastation. Read about and purchase the novel here: Stories of Strength (Lulu) or visit the 'Stories of Strength' Message Board - a sub-forum of 'Office Party'

    9. MS - Abbreviation for 'manuscript'

    10. SF - Abbreviation for the 'Science-Fiction'/'Sci-Fi' genre
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    E.G. Gammon

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