MacAllister, I have a few questions for you:

“Made even more special with that absolutely ludicrous assertion "If you are considering being published by a traditional publisher, the best way to do it is to publish on your own first - in both e-book and POD" -- which is patent nonsense.”

This is ludicrous?! Are you joking?! Please, do explain. Please show me why this is ludicrous since the facts are that indie authors are being constantly approached by agents and traditional publishers. And the fact that traditional publishers are constantly watching the Amazon sales data for authors that stand out. It isn’t ludricrous. It is the truth. Are you afraid of it?

“We don't start new threads to continue the arguments that happen in closed threads, here, Lasournoise.”

Why was the thread closed in the first place? Do you feel threatened by some of the comments that people placed on it? Is that why those people were banned? Because they told you the truth and you can't handle it?

“Please don't attempt to do this again.”

Don’t worry, I won’t even be reading or posting here anymore. It is obvious to me that this forum is controlled by Big Brother who doesn’t want to hear what is really going on and who has to censor anyone who tells him the truth.