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Thread: Write1Sub1 Novel?

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    Mar 2008

    Write1Sub1 Novel?

    I've been giving this a bit of thought since it was mentioned in the bar.

    Would current W1S1 peeps be keen to do this? If so, what are your thoughts as to what shape it should take?

    Zanzjan (iirc) mentioned that shaping the challenge around the calender year might be a bit difficult, because it could mean playing catch-up during the holiday period. So, if we were to do this, how would a start date of August 1st sound (or any other time you might want to suggest)?

    I'm thinking i might ask Mac if we could poll the community to see how many peeps would be keen to participate. If there's enough interest, perhaps petitioning her for a specific W1S1 Novel subforum might be a good idea. If there's not too much interest, we could just have a separate progress thread in here.

    What think you all? What suggestions do you have towards how such a challenge should work?

    ETA: of course, i'd have to ask Milo, Stephen and Simon if we could borrow the 'Write1Sub1' name from them for this.
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