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Thread: Blogger Wanted for Partnership On a 9/11 Conspiracy Blog

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    Blogger Wanted for Partnership On a 9/11 Conspiracy Blog

    NOTE: Please know that I respect people's opinions, and I would never tell anyone that they can't believe in something. This is about a writing gig, please let's not make this thread a 9/11 thread, I posted here because I want someone who knows what internet writing and blogging really is. Thank you very much.

    I am a full-time writer and blogger, and web developer. I have been blogging since the medium was born. I have a new blog, which is already built with a great domain name, great theme and logo, has about two posts on there now, ready to rock. This blog can be called a 9/11 conspiracy blog, or a 9/11 Truth blog, which basically means that I don’t believe the official story of 9/11, and this blog is a great place to lay out analysis of the evidence, your reaction to it, your other opinions and ideas, as well as confirmed research from confirmed sources, fact-checked, things along those lines.

    The site was built with Wordpress, by me totally. I want a blogger whose beliefs are aligned with mine, most importantly, but they need to be a good writer and have good work ethic, no disappearing or “my dog/grandma died” stuff, please.

    I want you to write the content, and I will handle the promotion/marketing/technical part as well as some writing. We split EVERYTHING 50/50, meaning any amount of money brought in as a result of this blog existing, and I will be as upfront as I possibly can about the numbers with you, if I have to give you my Adsense password or something, I will do it.

    How about writing content that has the potential to earn you more than a few dollars, and can lead to all kinds of opportunities? Writing for the content mills is about as boring as bashing your head against the wall, I know because I did it for years. Plus that content is useless to you once it is written. Can't use it for samples, at least not for a "real" writing job, I figured that out pretty quick myself.

    I will also be contributing content when I can, if you like we can collaborate on it before I post it. This would be a team effort, and I am extremely knowledgable in this field and love to work with solid people, is that you?

    If you think you might be interested in this opportunity, DON’T send me your resume, I don’t care if you walked out of state prison yesterday, or have only worked at Arby’s for the last 21 years. I only need these things:

    1) You have to know how to blog with Wordpress
    2) You have to know how to write good, and know how to spell (or how to use spellcheck), send me a link or two with something you’ve written on a blog (don’t write a new sample, this isn’t a scam)
    3) You have to be RELIABLE, with good work ethic. Tell me about your work ethic, briefly.
    4) There are NO promises as far as future outcomes with the blog, I can’t give you a dollar amount for how much we will have earned a year from now, it takes time to establish the blog, and we only do that by posting content and developing a network of advertisers and SE traffic.
    5) If this goes well, we could do a lot more stuff together

    If you meet these, then respond to [email protected]
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