Heard this on Twitter and thought I'd pass it along to the lovely folks here. In my opinion, Carina is one of the top ePubs with the economic powerhouse of Harlequin behind it. Unlike Harlequin they put out just about every type of book possible.

Taken from: http://carinapress.com/blog/2011/06/...ntent-editors/

Yes, itís that time again, my favorite time of year when we go looking for some fresh victims talented team members in the form of freelance developmental editors.

Now, before you get all excited and shoot off an email, please read what weíre looking for carefully. Respondents who donít meet the requirements or who donít include the requested material will not receive a reply.


* One year paid experience editing fiction. In lieu of paid experience, I will accept editorial and agent internships in which the applicant worked with fiction and provided editorial feedback.

* Understanding of the difference between editing and polishing a book/offering insight into editorial issues and rewriting or interfering with an authorís voice.

* Ability to communicate editorial revisions to an author in a professional manner.

* Genuine love of editing, reading and the craft of writing.

* Ability to self-motivate, stay on task and meet deadlines consistently.

* Ability to take direction and feedback, while also offering critique.

* Interest in working in a freelance environment with a team feel.

* Desire and ability to help an author build her career.

* Interest in working in the digital industry, being part of a growing business, and being a leader in the digital industry.

* Willingness to engage in other activities, both paid and unpaid, such as contest judging, offering critiques, guest blogging and interacting with editorial and author peers in an online environment.

* Willingness to attend virtual editorial team meetings.

* Desire to learn about digital book marketing, as well as other aspects of digital publishing.

* Thorough understanding of and insight into the genres you choose to edit.

If you meet these qualification requirements, are willing to work in a freelance capacity for a flat, per-project/per-assignment fee, and would like to learn more about the freelance editorial position, please send your CV and a letter of interest, detailing your qualifications and stating why you are interested in working for Carina Press in particular, as well as what genres you feel youíd be qualified to edit, to my attention at generalinquiries AT carinapress.com I will respond with some further information about the position.

From there, we ask all applicants to who move forward with the process to perform an editorial evaluation on a manuscript, so please be prepared to go through this process if you apply.

Please note that reply may be sporadic, as I will be traveling quite a bit in the month of June, and will not always be able to reply promptly to letters of interest.