Greetings and Merry Met,

I've been doing some research on book trailers as a promotional tool and have even crafted a couple to see what kind of interest could be generated.

One of the things I've noticed with several different trailers is that its almost a book in mini, basically the entire plot line is summed up in the two minute trailer leaving almost no reason to read or purchase the book. Example: "See spot, see spot run, spot runs into a wall and develops brain cancer." Unless your big on dog cancer survivors something like this doesn't generate much interest as it explains too much of the plot line.

From what I've found it seems the best trailers are ones which give a teaser to the book, much like a movie trailer. A brief synopsis is good, such as "See spot, see spot run...where does he run? The answer will surprise you." (okay corny, but hopefully it gets the point across) Basically, the best tack seems to be giving a hint and taste, without explaining too much. Books require a degree of imagination to read and most readers don't like having characters that are already fleshed out in someone else's mind.

A couple of sites, especially for the DIYers are:


These sites also have links and just typing in "Book Trailers how to" in the search bar will bring up all kinds of data. Granted, this is all just basic info and as my trailers have only been out for a month, I don't have a wide enough field of data to extrapolate on. Is there anyone else out there who's had experience with trailers or ideas and tips?