I know that there are plenty of gay characters in YA. My thing is, how many of them appear in books that aren't about the character being gay?

I'm writing a sci-fi YA set in the future, which is mostly action and suspense and intrigue. Well, a gay kid gets kidnapped and his best friend is blame for it and she has to find him before the authorities find her and save her friend and clear her name at the same time.

Thing is, I want to make the character gay, but at the same time I don't want to spend too much time on his being gay.

Anyone know of any YA that has gay characters in stories that are mostly action and NOT the typical "ohh, wooo is me! I'm gay, wawwwaaa" whine fest?

I mean, I'm gay, and I got over being gay when I was like fourteen and spent more of my time whining about what it would take me to get a car or how much the Yankees sucked than I did being a whining gay emo kid like in so many YA novels.

Aside from my primary goal of writing a good story, I would also like to show a young gay male who is something OTHER than just "the gay kid".