It sounds rather vanilla after reading some of these incredible summaries, but my memoir is bout my personal life experiences from middle school through high school.

I want to give insight to the life and times of today's youth. It covers the basics: battling depression from a young age, the trials of bullying, searching for a place to belong in a sea of people. The time frame adds some flavor, though. Growing up during the revolution of sending "nudes" through text messaging was an experience, and it tells of how it impacted student lives and educators both. The misinformation circulated through current sex-ed programs, having homeless friends, a bout of mass hysteria leading to a "poltergeisting" ordeal, being admitted to a psychiatric hospital, all give it some depth. A lot of the story centers around the misadventures of delinquent youth looking for trouble in a small town, and the unexpected life lessons that follow.

I have no insight as to whether or not it will have any market appeal, but I'm hoping someone might pick it up and find something enjoyable under the cover. Still in the early editing phase, but I've got it drafted up and continue to hammer away at it.