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Thread: The Flash Fortnight - the Flash Fiction forum challenge!

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    The Flash Fortnight - the Flash Fiction forum challenge!

    The Flash Fortnight - the Flash Fiction forum challenge!

    Find yourself slacking? Procrastination winning out over motivation? Then this is the challenge for you!

    Every month, we will be holding a writing challenge in the Flash Fiction forum. It is open to everyone.

    The aim of this challenge is to help you get into the habit of writing stories regularly: stories that can then be polished and submitted for publication while the challenge is not running.

    This is how it will work.

    The challenge will run for one fortnight (14 consecutive days) each month. Each morning during the challenge, I'll post a prompt to help you spark some ideas. This will either be a generic prompt or one that is tailored to an upcoming themed issue of a specified flash fiction market. You don't have to use the prompt; it will just be there in case you need or want one.

    What you do: Take the prompt (or not), and write a flash fiction story (of up to 1000 words) each day.

    At the end of the 14 days, you will have a bunch of stories in front of you. Not all of them will necessarily be worth polishing and submitting - but some will be. Pick whichever ones you think hold the most promise, spend some time polishing them - and then send them out.

    You can use the challenge as you like. You might want to take the opportunity some days to stretch yourself with a new style or genre, or just write something highly silly for fun. Or you could focus on one target market, and write several stories that would fit its submission guidelines.

    When you've polished your stories, you can post them in the Polished and Ready sub-forum, if you wish, for critique.

    If you don't manage to get a story draft written every day, don't worry about it. Start again the next day - which could turn out to be the best day ever. You can do it!

    Links to the challenge threads and prompts:

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