I'm not a mod or anything, and I'm relatively new around here so if I'm overstepping my bounds just let me know.

Anyway, lately there's been a slew of YA book recommendation request threads for every genre of YA you can think of (the only one I didn't find is sci-fi/dystopian, which is weird considering how popular it is right now. Someone should get on that!). So many threads, in fact, I thought it'd be helpful to compile them all in one super YA book recommendation list. You're welcome.

Fantasy / Urban Fantasy / Paranormal

Really awesome urban fantasy and/or paranormal (romance optional)
Books featuring the magically fantastical and the paranormally supernatural, but in an urban (or contemporary) setting. Like: The Mortal Instruments, Paranormalcy

Something wicked this way comes...
Creepy books featuring dark fantasy (urban or otherwise) and horror. Like: The Replacement, Gone by Michael Grant, Slice of Cherry by Dia Reeves

In a land far, far away...
Books featuring straight-up, secondary world fantasy. Like: Graceling or anything by Tamora Pierce

Contemporary / Non-Paranormal

Really awesome non-paranormal reads
Books for those who have OD'd on the paranormal--this list contains not a sparkly vamp or were in sight. I can't imagine OD'ing on the paranormal, but apparently it's possible (I can quit if I want, you know). Like: Jellicoe Road, Before I Fall

Contemporary YA for the youngsters
More non-paranormal, non-fantasy contemporary books, but with a slant towards a younger, less edgier audience. Like: Harriet the Spy, Godless and anything by Jerry Spinelli (I suggest Milkweed because little Stopthief/Misha made me cry)

Magical realism for the teens
Books that could be described as magical realism -- this seems to be an underrepresented genre (or is just so damn hard to pin down), so there are also some adult mentions too (because, how can you have a list of magical realism anything and *not* have Gabriel Garcia Marquez on it? Right?)

Like, OMG, Chick-Lit!
YA chick-lit, especially the funny, the biting, the snarky and sarcastic. Like: 13 Little Blue Envelopes and pretty much anything by Meg Cabot

Super Specific Premise / Theme / Character Type (may be fantasy, may be contemporary)

Where my boys at?
Books that feature a mostly male main character. Not necessarily a "boy" book or a book just for boys, but one written from a boy's POV. Like: Eragon, Paper Towns or anything written by John Green

Just like our world--but with magic!
Books that feature worlds much like our own, but where magic is just plain 'ole ordinary magic, not a secret or hidden or scoffed at as make-believe. Like: White Cat by Holly Black

Behold, the wise messenger
Books featuring the premise of wise/mysterious/dead messenger guiding our young protagonist on a series of (mis)adventures, either intentionally or not, often in the form of letters or cryptic clues that must be unraveled. Like: I am the Messenger by Markus Zusak or 13 Little Blue Envelopes

Non-homogenized books
Books featuring a diverse cast by including characters that are of other races, ethnicities, sexualities, etc. from the straight, white characters that seem to be the norm (up until post 10 or so, after which it becomes an interesting discussion on diversity in YA -- which you should totally read anyway)

The whole kit and caboodle
YA books in any genre. The list here seems to have an emphasis on all-around good YA authors to read as well specific book recommendations. Like: all of the above, I guess

Writing Skills

Finally, on the actual craft of writing
Self-explanatory really. Books to make you write better, maybe with a YA slant.