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Thread: Derail from Book Promo thread

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    Derail from Book Promo thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Medievalist View Post
    Please please please don't rely on Flash for a book-related site.
    My visitors doesn't really have any problem with flash at all (Actually they love it. Link is in my signature.). And I also say, there is no problem with flash at all. It's a pretty good content protecting system, where you also can use pretty good visuals, combined with audio elements (If you want.). The only problem with flash is the loading time. Sometimes that's used to be a problem.

    Google won't spider your site, and neither will any other search engine.
    Who told you this? My site is a 85% flash site (The previous was 100% flash site) and the last version and the new version is also #1 on Google with different search patterns. Google and other nice bots are also visiting my site regulary (FB bots included). Statcounter love to present the bots as visitors, so I see them regulary on my site. Meta tags and SEO are your friends.

    I just wrote a glowing review of a self-published niche book, and I can't link to the purchase page because it's a Flash-driven site; the page as a page doesn't actually exist. It's all Flash-rendered.
    That's bad site execution, nothing else. But every site can be linked and if the purchase is on a different non-linkable part of the site, let the reader to discover it.
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