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Thread: Favorite animal-writing markets?

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    Not harboring illegal parrot awatkins's Avatar
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    Feb 2005
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    Favorite animal-writing markets?

    Hi all,

    I thought it might be interesting to see which publications we've found to be the most receptive, easiest to work with, most freelancer-friendly, etc. Can anyone recommend markets that are willing to work with new writers? Which publications are quickest respond to queries/articles? Which animal-specific magazines do you write for that you'd like to recommend? Any input will be helpful.

    Who wants to be first?

    Edited to add: These publications do not have to be limited to traditional pet markets. Any market that accepts articles/stories/essays about animals would be nice to hear about.

    For instance, I once had a story about hummingbirds published in Angels on Earth magazine. A totally rewritten version of that piece appeared in a Chocolate for Women book (that's the story that will be in SoS.)

    Looks like I went first.
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