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Thread: SHORT FICTION MARKETS (print, electronic, audio)

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    SHORT FICTION MARKETS (print, electronic, audio)

    Looking for markets to submit your short stories to? Then this sticky is a good place to start.

    Previous stickies relating to markets have tended to list markets individually. However, that can quickly become an organizational nightmare, as markets evolve very rapidly, and markets that were open for business one week might close for one reason or another the next week.

    With that in mind, this sticky will focus on outside sources that list markets. If you are aware of any that aren't mentioned below, please let one of the short fiction mods know and we'll update accordingly. And, just as markets can close suddenly and with little warning, sites that list markets can do so too. Again, if you notice a link go dead, please let a short fiction mod know.

    Also, please keep the following in mind:

    1) We cannot be responsible for information provided from outside sources. While we'll be doing our best to make sure the sites we link to are credible, don't assume that everything they say is accurate.

    You'll also find that many of these lists overlap one another in some areas, and that some may include article markets as well as short fiction markets.

    2) The above kept in mind, always check a market out before submitting to it. Apart from making sure it's a market that publishes the sort of story you want to send, also check to see when they last published work. You don't want to send a story off to a market that's been dead for two years.

    Equally important is making sure the contact details for the market are correct. It's always best to go off the contact details on the market's website, rather than what might be given on the listing page. If the market doesn't have a website (which is increasingly rare), double check with other market resources. Failing that, look them up in a phone book.

    If you're not sure whether submitting to a particular market is a good idea, check AW's Bewares, Recommendations and Background Check board to see if they've been mentioned there. If not, feel free to start a thread there, or if you find that board a wee bit scary, ask us here in Short Fiction (the thread may end up over in BR&BC, but it's cool to ask here first).

    2b) Always read the submission guidelines, and adhere to them, before submitting. Some markets have very specific requirements when it comes to formatting and cover letters.

    Most markets also give you a time frame in which to expect a reply, and instructions on what to do if a reply hasn't been received in that time period.

    There's even the odd market that wants you to query before submitting.

    3) Some of the market databases linked to encourage reporting submission stats to them. Please consider doing so. The more data available to us writers as regards response times and acceptance rates the better equipped we'll be to make good decisions regarding our short fiction.


    Right, then, onto the good stuff. This section is broken into two areas: Market Lists and Newsletters and Freelance Sites. I've tried to list the most comprehensive and up-to-date sites first.

    Note: Some of the links below are provided and hosted by magazines, so don't forget to check them out as potential markets, too.

    Market Lists

    • Writers' Market--online version of the book. Subscription based--$5.99 per month, $24.99 per six months, $39.99 for annual subscription.

    • The Review Review--more literary mags than you can shake a stick at, from all over the world.

    • NCW Literary Magazines--a great list of literary zines. The top of the page focuses on mags in Nebraska, but if you scroll down you'll find a whole heap of markets linked to.

    • Big Bridge--Links--links not only to markets, but also to literary blogs and other writer resources (as well as artistic and musical resources).

    • Unlikely 2.0--Links--like Big Bridge, there are resource-related links here as well as market links.

    • Audio Markets--some of these markets are now dead, but many aren't.

    Newsletters and Freelance Sites

    • Funds for Writers includes info about markets and contests. There are a few different newsletters you can sign up for.

    • Writing for DOLLARS--free newsletter, plus a heap of market guidelines onsite, many of which accept fiction.

    • Markets Plus--a freelance resource that contains just under 2,500 markets (some of which are fiction markets). A yearlong subscription costs $24.95.

    • elance.com sometimes has short fiction work listed. As with any freelancing site, please be sure to check out the veracity of the offer before bidding.


    This sticky will typically be locked to, hopefully, keep things from getting too confusing and also to avoid self-advertising.

    But, if we've missed a market list or a good newsletter or freelance site that has plenty of short fiction opportunities, please PM one of the short fiction moderators and we'll look at including it in the sticky.

    And, if i've missed something basic in the initial information, please let me (or one of the other mods) know.

    Happy writing
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