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Thread: If You Can't Post In Share Your Work or Other Password Protected Forums

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    If You Can't Post In Share Your Work or Other Password Protected Forums

    If you can't post in Share Your Work (SYW), or log into other password protect forums, try this:

    1. Be sure you're putting in the password correctly; the passwords are case sensitive.

    Except for the Erotica SYW forum, all passwords are listed on the main forum page. For the Erotica SYW forum, you will need to send a Private Message (PM) to one of the forum moderators or administrators starting your age; if you're approved, they will then send you the password, as per this message on the Erotica SYW forum:

    The password to this forum can ONLY be obtained via a PM request with a statement that you're over 21, to Veinglory, ELMontague, or one of the administrators, AWAdmin or MacAllister
    2. Share Your Work requires 50 posts before someone can start a thread there. You can still post a reply there if you don't have 50 posts, but you can't start a new thread.

    If you have 50 posts and still can't start a thread in SYW, wait an hour and try again. The server updates the database about every hour and it can take that long to recognize that someone has 50 posts. Be patient.

    3. If you still can't log in to a password protected forum, try logging out of AW, cleaning out your cookies and cache, and then logging in again.

    If you still can't log in, AND you're using Internet Explorer, try this: Go to Tools > Internet Options > General (tab) > Browsing History > Delete, and put a check in the boxes for Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, and History, then click Delete. If you have Absolute Write on your Favorites Bar, then UNCHECK the box to Preserve Favorites Website Data then click Delete OR (if you don't want to remove the data for all websites) remove AW from the Favorite Bar (right click Absolute Write on the Favorites bar and select delete), and then delete the Temporary Files, Cookies, and History files (leave a check in Preserve Favorites in this case), then log back into AW and put it back on your Favorites Bar.

    If you lose AW in your favorites, go to and you'll be back to the main page.

    4. If you still can't log in, post a reply to this thread and we'll try to help you. It will help if you tell us what computer operating system you're using (Windows Seven, Mac, etc.) and what browser and browser version you're using (Internet Explorer 8). To find what version you're using, click Help on the menubar of your browser > About -- it will tell you what version you have.

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