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Thread: Mill, T.C.

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    Title: “The Passion of Her Sleep” in MYSTIQUE
    Author: T.C. Mill
    Publication Date: February 2020
    Format: eBook and paperback anthology
    Price: $1.99 ebook; $8.99 paperback

    Logline: A woman encounters an ethereal beauty at a peculiar gala. A Poe-inspired f/f love story, eerie, erotic, and a little sweet…

    Title: "Fearless" in Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year, Vol 3
    Author: T.C. Mill
    Publication Date: December 2018
    Format: Anthology
    Price: $9.99 ebook; $15.95 paperback

    Logline: From Amazon reviewer Kitty Kat: "Sacchi Green has exquisite taste when it comes to picking short stories. In ‘Best Lesbian Erotica of the Year Volume 3’ she has chosen some wonderful erotic stories. I was especially impressed by ‘Fearless’ by TC Mill. Jenny and Tessa find a way to reconnect after a difficult time for both of them. It was powerful and intense and so hot. The emotion astounded me."

    Title: "Guessing Game" in Erotic Teasers
    Author: T.C. Mill
    Publication Date: February 2019
    Format: Anthology
    Price: $7.07 ebook, $10.29 paperback

    Logline: In Erotic Teasers, award-winning editor Rachel Kramer Bussel has collected sexy short stories that will keep you on edge. From orgasm denial to remote control panties, these characters are made to wait--and they love every minute. From dominant/submissive relationships to futuristic settings, they have perfected the thrill of teasing, taunting and exerting control over their partners, who may protest about their urgent needs but relish being made to hold off until they're given permission. Whether teasing as part of a BDSM scene, onstage at a theater or via modern technology, these men and women ache with yearning. These stories explore the thrill of the opposite of instant gratification, with orgasms all the more explosive because of it.

    Title: "Not Quite an Antidote" in The Sexy Librarian's Dirty Thirty, Vol 3
    Author: T.C. Mill
    Publication Date: May 2019
    Format: Anthology
    Price: $4.99 ebook; $15.99 paperback

    Logline: Come inside, experience the breadth, inspiration, and excitement of superb erotic storytelling.Browse my card catalog. Find the perfect story to suit your mood, with subjects tantalizingly indexxxed to whet your appetite!
    Lose yourself in these thirty risqué adventures, loaded with fabulous characters in provocative situations.

    Title: To Have and To Hold
    Author: T.C. Mill
    Publication Date: October 2019
    Format: eBook
    Price: $2.99, free as part of Kindle Unlimited

    Logline: In tropical seclusion, Claire and James begin their new life together by trying out a new toy. It makes for a hot time at the hot beach!For adult fans of gentle femdom and vanilla dynamics alike, “To Have and to Hold” includes 5,500 words of explicit content, including oral sex, fingering, and first-time anal strap-on play between a blushing groom and bride who couldn’t be more into each other (literally, she’s getting inside him). At the same time, they explore their options for protection in light of his HSV+ status, knowing nothing can come between them or put a dent in their ravenous lust for each other.
    Originally planned for an anthology project called “Positively Sexy,” this short story was written in the belief that erotic, romantic, knockout-passionate writing is one of the sexiest ways to break down a taboo, and it’s being published for a good cause! With every copy sold, $1 will be donated to the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health (, an organization that promotes education and dialogue about sexuality without fear or shame.
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