I posted this question in plot problems, then realized I should have posted it here.

I have a character, a young woman, who has fought off an attacker with her car keys, which she had in her hand. She gets in the vehicle (her husband's Ford Explorer) but it won't start.

I need this character stuck in this vehicle for the rest of the night, but can't think of a reason it won't start that is not coincidental (dead battery, etc.)

Is there anything the attacker could do in that short time? Even if she dropped the keys on the floorboard and had to search for them, I doubt if he'd be aware of that and dare to crawl under th vehicle to cut the fuel line, etc. And I don't think a flat tire would keep her from driving the vehicle.

Is there anything else (delayed maintenance) that could cause a problem? Something that would have indicated a possible problem earlier, so it's not coincidental?

I'd appreciate any and all suggestions.