Hi everyone, and welcome to Absolute Write!

I'm ChaosTitan, and along with Pthom, moderate the SF/Fantasy forum boards. We were sorry to hear about the loss of your old home. It's quite disconcerting when a familiar place is suddenly gone, and people you have become friends with are out of touch. That's why MacAllister (the board owner) was so generous in offering this space. A place for you to find your fellow board members and reconnect.

This is, of course, still AW and you all signed the TOS and received a copy of the Newbie Guide when you joined. RESPECT YOUR FELLOW WRITER is our number one rule around here. Discussions and conversations are encouraged; flaming is not.

So please take some time to look around AW. We have an Announcements, Events, and Self-Promotion board for promoting your own work. We have a Share Your Work board (password is vista) for critiquing finished work once you've reached 50 posts. And we have various forums on just about everything, from discussing television shows to blogging.

Again, welcome. And I hope you see you guys around the forums.