Hello all,

My internet crapped out on my on the evening of 31st March, mere hours before the April Fools' Day festivities. I have only just got the fecker up and running again - two weeks without internet access. Yeah. You get a lot of work done. And you go sort of bat-shit. But you get a lot of work done.

Anyway, I was thankfully able to send Mac the Steampunk'd banner right before I was nut-kicked off the grid but I wasn't able to participate in the day and I haven't been able to thank everyone for their kind comments about the banner. It was all very much appreciated. I was also asked for a link to the banner so I've included one below.

Since I've started a thread to thank y'all, I figure it may as well be as good a place as any to share any stories, thoughts, whatevers about that day for miserable chuckleheads like me who missed out. I know there were a lot of amazing avatars too so feel free to post copies of yours in this thread for posterity. It will eventually be moved to the April Fool's Day forum for filing and as evidence in future lawsuits.

(But please, no hotlinking images. Use Photobucket, Flickr or an equivalent).

Thanks again!

Steampunk'd Banner (JPEG)

And finally, as a special thank you, it's my pleasure to present Steampunk'd.... animated! (and in HD!)