Hello All

Need a little advice if anyone has expertise in UK - specifically Scotland - policing.

I want to open a novel with a special forces team in a Scottish forest swooping down on someone who has kidnapped a child. The use of some sort of special forces type assault squad is a lock, so I'm willing to bend reality to get what I want but... it would be nice to get a little real world research to underpin my flights of fancy.

Does any body know what policing/ army unit could be sent in to such a situation-- currently it's set in Crieff, a small Scottish market in the Perth and Kinross area, though that's just because I know the town a little. It could be set anywhere in Scotland.

Two young children have been kidnapped and their parents were killed in a particularly vicious manner at the scene of the kidnapping, so the (unknown) kidnapper can be considered armed and lethal and the stolen kids are in immediate danger. A witness has called in a suspected location of the children, and this team is sent it.

If anybody can give me any pointers as to what branch of the military or law this could fall under, or a good online resource where I could do some digging re equipment, training and tactics, that would be just peachy.

Also, can anyone recommend any good factual personal accounts of soldiers/police in battle situations? I'm after the feelings of people under fire or in a warzone. Something online for preference, but anything is good.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help.