My current work requires a map per chapter. For convenience I have put them all into an appendix at the end. At this point, the book is in HTML form.

At the beginning of each chapter, I have a link to the appropriate map. What I set up was a small image that says "map" with a nice bit of decoration. In other words, like a standard HTML button. It works fine in Calibre and the Calibre reader. But when I try it in the Kindle for PC reader, the buttons don't work. A text based link will work, but it looks so ugly.

I've tried to ask at the KindleDP sight, but when I try to log in, I'm in a bizarre loop that sends me to login, change my avatar name and back to login and back to change my avatar...

Is this problem with using images and links just the Kindle PC reader, Kindle in general or ePublishing in general?

Is there a workaround?