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Thread: Analog/Asimov's Forums Down Indefinitely

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    Analog/Asimov's Forums Down Indefinitely

    The Analog and Asimov's magazine forums have shut down indefinitely apparently due to the antics of a single troll who managed to post vile and offensive images on the forums and earn the ire of the Admins and the owner.

    I'd like to offer my sincere condolences to the old forums and the many, many interesting conversations which took place therein.

    I'd also like to offer an open invite, if it please the Mods hereupon AW, to the members of ASF and Asimov's to join us here on AW, at least until the forums reopen (I have many of them as friends on FaceBook and my friend Paul Carlson (aka pc) once had pseudo-Admin privileges there and knows many more legitimate members)).
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