We hear a lot about the "outliers" in the self-publishing world (Amanda Hocking, John Locke), and those with traditional publishing backgrouns (Joe Konrath). So I thought I would do an analysis between two "ordinary authors" - i.e. those not at the top or the the bottom butin the midlist. I selected Jim C. Hines (because he is one of the few authors I have found that is willing to share his income money) and David Dalglish (who is the same genre and has the same number of boos released as Jim)

You can read the full breakdown here. But the gist of it can be summed up as follows:

It took Jim 4 years to release six-books and he can't make a living wage on his writing. David Dalglish has been at it less than a year and gone from making a few thosand a month to making a six-figure income.

Check it out and feel free to comment either here or there and I'll respond with any additonal information that perhaps didn't make it into the post.