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Thread: Latest iBooks update

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    Latest iBooks update

    You’ve probably heard about what the latest version of Apple’s iBooks can do for picture books – double page spreads at last, which is exciting for us PB editors - but last night’s update adds some exciting new features for fiction titles, too. Those of you with Apple devices should find the new version waiting in App Store updates as of this morning.

    I think the commitment Apple are showing to improving their book app and book store is really impressive.

    Particular features of interest include:

    ·The display drivers used in Nintendo’s new 3DS console are now integrated into iOS, adding glasses-free 3D support. iBooks is the first app to be updated to take advantage of this, with important words and phrases made to seem to ‘pop’ out of the screen. By default, it’s enabled for adverbs only, but you can customise the settings in the iBooks menu.

    ·iOS’s popular autocorrect feature is now more seamlessly integrated into the user experience. As we all know, even with the best possible editing and ebook conversion, some errors can still creep in. iBooks now runs an invisible autocorrect on all titles imported into it, fixing any remaining typos. I’m interested to see how this will affect popular authors like John Gristle and Terry Parchment.

    ·In an effort to increase engagement with teen readers, iBooks now has a txtspeak mode that is enabled by default for the under-18s. Here is a sneak preview of how Moby-Dick now appears in this mode..

    More details on the update can be found here.
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