Hello folks,

Since we had some disagreement over what to study this month, the Mods and I decided it would be good to go old school. Please read The Illiad and The Odyssey by the 8th and be ready to discuss them the rest of the month.

***Spoilers*** will be streaking naked through this thread unpredictably. You have been warned.

Here are the previous book studies:

Ender Kicks Ass (August)
Sexual Repression of Locke Lamora (September)
A Deepness in the Spider Hole (October)
A Fire in the Spider Hole (November)
Stormy Time (December)

I Am Legendary (January)
The Alternate World is in Canada (February)
Bad Ass Mortals Turned Rogue Gods (March)
Small Gods Turned Me Into a Newt (April)
Beggars is Everywhere (May)
The King Again (June)
Foundation Crumbles (July)
The Graveyard Is Rockin, So Come a-Knockin (August)
Dead Things (September)
The Last Wisher II: Bad Ass Swords (October)
The Knife of OCD (November)
One Hundred Years of Revolution (December)

Battle of the Royals (January)
Aliens Rule, Humans Without Familiars Drool (February)
Bad Timez (March)
Say My Name (April)
Jurassic Park XI: Dogs and Cats Living Together! (May)
Alien Moths Scary Enough to Make Giant Spiders Hide (June/July)
Dysfunctional Families and Zombies (August)
Sexually Repressed Dragons, Now With Gunmen! (September)
I Have Abandonment Issues (October)
The Baby Snatcher (November)
This Planet is Crazy (December)

A Girl, A Dog, A Boy, A Cat (January)
Self Satisfaction will make you Blindsight (February)
Watership Down (March)

Thank you to Broken Fingers for starting the book study!

Thank you to Pthom for agreeing to donate copies of his new bestseller to all book study participants for the Augustus book study! We look forward to it!