Ok... First off, I'm a dude, so let's just establish that fact, first off.

Second, I'm in the process of exercising my brain by reading classic works of fiction. So far, I've done "The Count of Monte Cristo", "The Three Musketeers", "The Time Machine", "The Iliad", and a few others that have escaped me (I'm writing this from work, and the literal pile of books is beside my bed).

My girl has read "Wuthering Heights" and has suggested that I be a little more well read (given what I normally read, she's probably right to point that out). She has mentioned it a few times when I've been at her place, and she has the book on her bookshelf.

So, would you, the AW crew, recommend reading Wuthering Heights? Why or why not?

Convince me that I should - else I'll instead make my third attempt at "War and Peace".