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Thread: FAQ: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Reputation Comments and Points

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    FAQ: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Reputation Comments and Points

    What are Reputation Points and Comments?

    To the left of every post, is a sidebar. Near the bottom of the sidebar is a blue star that looks like this:

    If you click the star, you’ll get a little pop-up window in which you can leave a short comment, or a thank you, or even an emoticon or smilie like this .

    TIP: dpaterso wants you to know that you can use emoticons and smileys in Rep Comments, and you should be sure to send him lots and lots using this list.

    Those are called Reputation Comments, or Reps.

    Reputation Comments are one way to thank a poster for being helpful, or kind, or smart, or amusing, or to provide a quick bit of information.

    TIP: If someone leaves you a Rep Comment, there's no direct built-in way to reply.
    Find a post from that person, and leave a comment on it, or PM them, or leave a courteous public comment on their Visitors Messages, if they've turned them on, by visiting the other member's Profile.

    How To Use Rep Comments

    • Rep comments are a great way to say ”thank you” to someone for a kind or helpful post, or to thank someone for a crit.
    • Leave a Rep Comment as a short, private reply to someone's post.
    • Use a Rep comment with a link or URL to a post you think might be of interest or help to someone. Don’t link leave the link; indicate, briefly, why you are commenting with the link.
    • Rep Comments can serve as a private conversation between two members, instead of derailing a thread.

    Displaying Reputation Comments

    You can see the Reputation comments other members have left for you by clicking the Settings link in very top on the far right of every AW Forum window.

    • You also receive an automatic Notification when you have a new Rep comment; see the top right of your AW window where it says Notifications, just to the right of the Welcome [member name] text.
    • Your total points are listed just above the Reputation Comments area, in the blue stripe on the left where it says Latest Reputation Received.
    • You can’t see other members’ Reputation comments, even those you’ve given. Admins and SuperMods can.
    • The Settings only displays the last 500 Rep Comments.
    • Once you reach 500, each new comment pushes the oldest one off the list of displayed comments.

      The comments aren’t gone, but with members who have thousands of comments, it could really slow down the database to display them. If there’s one that’s disappeared and you really really want to save it, you can PM AW Admin and ask about retrieving and PMing it to you.

    • Rep comments aren’t meant for harassing or insulting people.

      If you have a Rep comment that is upsetting or inappropriate, PM MacAllister or AW Admin.

    Saving Reputation Comments

    If it’s really important to you, you can Save your Reputation Comments by saving your Settings as a Web page.

    There is an option in your Web browser’s File menu to Save Page As, or something very similar (it varies slightly from browser to browser); there is usually an option to Save Complete Page, or Save as Web Archive; either of those is the option you want; if you Save As HTML only, any smilies used in Comments will not be displayed in your saved versions.

    Some browsers will save the main file the way it is named in the Browser address bar; just add .html if the file name ends in .php

    All About the Points

    * Reputation Comments come with “points,” but the points aren’t visible to the public, and don’t actually earn anything in terms of sekrit powers or prizes.

    * The comments are really the main value.

    * New members start off with 10 "points."

    * New members award 1 point per comment.

    * Some members can give more "points" than others, based on their status. Some members can give more based on how long they've been a member, and how many points they have. (1 point per 1000 days of membership; one point per 10,000 points that they've been given, one point per 10,000 posts they’ve made.) This, like so very much, is entirely dependent on MacAllister’s whim, and may change at any point. Or not.

    * The ability to leave a “negative” comment, one that subtracts points, has been turned off, because a few members abused the privilege.

    * You may see a Rep comment that says N/A where there’s usually a link to a specific post. That’s because that post is no longer extant. We do prune old threads that haven’t been active in a while, and we will delete SYW threads at the author’s request.

    You don’t “lose” a point; you just can access that post.

    * There’s a limit to the number of points a member can give in a 24 hour period. The limit is affected by a number of things. There’s also a limit to how many Rep points you can give in succession to the same member.

    All About the Reputation Levels

    There’s an invisible text string that lists “levels” associated with the total number of points.

    To see your level, go to your Profile. Position your cursor on the gray line listing your AW Role (i.e. Registered, or Super Member). You’l see some "tool tip" text with a descriptive phrase from the chart below.

    TIP: You need to let the cursor rest, unmoving, for a second or so, and the text only displays for a second. Once you know where to look, and how, you can do the same thing by pointing at the same place on any member’s avatar to the left of a post.

    The text strings for the Reputation levels are likely to change at MacAllister’s whim. I should note that she can give points at will, as well.

    Reputation Level Text Strings

    * User is infamous around these parts -999999

    * User isn't playing nicely with others -30

    * User has shown some questionable behavior -10

    * User is an unknown quantity at this point 0

    * User is on a distinguished road 10

    * User is well-respected 50

    * User has a spectacular aura 80

    * User is a shiny, shiny jewel 125

    * User is a glorious beacon of light 175

    * User is a splendid one to behold 250

    * User has earned our admiration 300

    * User leaves trails of profuse coolness 400

    * User should run for President 500

    * User has a golden reputation 600

    * User has a double-platinum reputation 700

    * User is better than ice cream with hot fudge 800

    * User is a candidate for sainthood 900

    * User is so great that we’ve run out of appropriate compliments 1000
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