The magazine with which I was previously associated, Arkham Tales, has gone on permanent hiatus; the publisher Leucrota Press and I parted ways over the business model, and without me the publisher said they had no immediate plans to keep the magazine going. A few weeks ago, the news came down that Leucrota Press was declaring bankruptcy, so that means that, unless someone buys it with the other intellectual property assets, Arkham Tales is truly gone.


I have partnered with legendary game designer Sandy Petersen (who, among other things, created the original Call of Cthulhu role-playing game) to start a new magazine: Arcane. This magazine will be available in print as well as for popular ereaders; in other words, it will be on the front edge of 21st-century distribution instead of trailing behind.

The payment terms are 1 cent per word, plus a print copy and the availability of additional copies at a reduced price. Full details can be found at . The first issue is due out next month.