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Thread: FAQ: How to Put another Member on Ignore

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    FAQ: How to Put Another Member on Ignore

    You can use the settings in your CPanel to ignore all the posts of users who annoy you.

    Ignore lists are useful for avoiding the posts from people you don't want to read. If you add a member to your ignore list, posts by that person will be hidden when you read a thread. There are two methods for putting another member on Ignore.

    Method 1

    1. Click Settings on the top rights of any forum window.
    2. On the left, under the category of My Account, click Edit Ignore List.
    3. In the field labeled Ignore List, enter the Username of the member whose posts you wish to ignore.
    4. Click Save List

    Method 1

    1. Click the Member's Username or Avatar on a post.
    2. On the left click Add to Ignore List
    3. Confirm that you meant to add the member to your Ignore list by clicking Yes.

    • You will no longer see the annoying person's posts. You will see a placeholder post indicating that they posted.
    • They will not be able to send you PMs.
    • You will not see any Rep Comments they left.
    • Do note that there are some members (Mods and Supermods and Admins) that you canít ignore.

    Also: That thing about the wax poppet or voodoo doll in the likeness of a member, and the pins and the curses?

    Totally Does Not Work.
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