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Thread: What is Write 1 Sub 1?

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    What is Write 1 Sub 1?

    Good question. I'm glad you asked.

    In a nutshell, Write1Sub1 is a challenge to write one story every week, or month, and submit it. You don't have to sub it the same week or month, but it will need to be subbed at some stage. Check this out for more details of what's involved.

    Write1Sub1 is the brainchild of Stephen Ramey, Simon Kewin and Milo James Fowler. They credit their major inspiration as Ray Bradbury, who diligently wrote and subbed a short story every week for decades. Here Mr. Bradbury is, talking about his approach. Let's hope W1S1 can unearth some more Bradburys.

    While the challenge is officially a year-long one, people can join up at any stage. The idea behind it is to build up good longterm writing and submitting habits. You can also tailor the challenge to fit your available time and energy. Perhaps one story a week is too much, but one a month too little. Why not go for two a month?

    This subforum is here to act as a base of operations for any AWers who have taken up the challenge. It'll be a place to encourage one another, congratulate one another, commiserate with one another, advise one another.

    All are welcome. Let's take over the short fiction world!

    (if you have any other questions, feel free to ask them here)

    p.s. even if you're not W1S1-ing, feel free to hang out with us. We love the company, and the more variety the better
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