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Thread: Beta Readers/Crit Requests

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    Doing the Space Operatic Izz's Avatar
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    Mar 2008

    Beta Readers/Crit Requests

    This is a continuation of alexshvartsman's Beta Reader's thread in the social group.

    Anybody want a story beta'd or critted? If so, post here and hopefully another W1S1er will have some time up their sleeves to help out. Because this is a public forum, it'd probably be best not to post personal email addresses, but rather to ask for anybody who can help out to PM you.

    And, if you've posted a story in SYW, post a link here too so we can all trundle over and take a gander.

    ETA: It's probably also a good idea to tell us what type of crit you're looking for (if you haven't done so already in your actual SYW post). Just so we can do our best to be as constructive as possible without hurting any feelings. What stings one person might only tickle another, etc.
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