I'm curious to know how many people here write mainstream-contemporary Women's Fiction. Is it just me or does it seem like this particular genre is the Tito Jackson/Jan Brady of literary genres nowadays? It seems so marginalized.

Particularly disheartening is the fact that agents who represent this genre tend to say, in response to being asked what's on their Wish lists of projects they'd like to see, that they're looking for YA paranormal or historical fiction or steampunk. I almost never see "I'm looking for mainstream women's fiction!"

Being someone who has written 4 novels (all rejected)--the latest one written last year--in this genre I'm very nervous and borderline discouraged about the future of mainstream/contermporary women's fiction.

It seems like most of the Women's Fiction debuts listed on publishersmarketplace in the last 2 years have been Romances or Paranormal Romances. I have this nagging suspicion/growing fear that the publishing industry is only interested in women's fiction that features a woman falling in love with a man or falling in love with a werewolf or falling in love with a vampire. What about those of us who write women's fiction that doesn't have those components?, that focuses instead on female friendships or mother-daughter bonds or self-improvement? Are we sh*t out of luck?

Granted, maybe my particular bad track record points more to the possibility that my storylines just plain suck than to any marginalization of women's fiction in general. But I'm still curious to hear from other writers who write in this genre: how are your projects faring? Are you optimistic about this genre's prospects?