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It's not true most people only trust published books from a press. Maybe in some genres but romance, no way. No way. Readers don't care and many readers in romance buy self-published books exclusively. Do you guys know how well self-publishing does in romance? That's why so many small presses have closed! Because of self-publishing and the beast that is KU (which I can't stand). Sure, some readers might trust a pub but it depends on the pub and just because readers buy from a publisher doesn't mean they don't buy SP books too.
This was about Entangled, not any old 'small pub.' I was referring to Entangled and the fact that they are recognized as a decent small publisher and can get you reviewed. The same was true of Samhain. I got some reviews for my book, which I never could've gotten on my own. I'm just speaking from my own experience. I don't publish with any old 'publisher' just to say I'm published. I'm not that vain and know that many aren't even really publishers, just vanity presses pretending they are publishers. I've also self-published and know what a black hole that can be. You can have a great book, a great cover, and still be lost in a sea of other books. Just reality. I absolutely sold MORE books with Samhain on my side, than I ever did on my own through self-publishing. Fact. Therefore, to me, it is worth submitting to Entangled, who has a good reputation with readers, lots of reader-generated reviews and other reviews through well-known outlets. Not every book they publish will be a big seller, but the potential is greater there than on your own.