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Welcome to the AbsoluteWrite Water Cooler! Please read The Newbie Guide To Absolute Write

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Thread: FAQ: Forum Navigation and What Do Those Icons Mean?

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    FAQ: Forum Navigation and What Do Those Icons Mean?

    If you haven't read the Newbies Guide, you should read that now.

    Parts of this post were heartlessly stolen from the magnificent alleycat. You should send alleycat a really good pie recipe.

    Post Legend

    On the Top or Home page of the AW Water Cooler is a list of all the Forums. Technically, they're subforums, some of which have sub- subforums, but I’m going to call them all forums.

    Here's a list of all the Moderators and Super Moderators. They know all sorts of things, and are really helpful folks. They’re volunteers, they make things better and we depend on them.

    This icon means that there are no new posts in the forum.

    This icon means that the forum contains new posts.

    TIP: If you double-click the icon, it will mark all the posts in that forum as Read.

    This forum is really in a different section of the forums, but we’ve linked it here for convenience.

    Icons to the Left of a Thread Title within a Forum:

    Unread posts

    No unread posts

    Locked thread; new posts can’t be made.

    Active thread with new posts.

    Active thread without new posts.

    You have posted in this thread.
    * This icon usually appears as an overlay on one of the previous icons.
    TIP: If you hover over / point at the icon with your cursor, you will see a text tip with the number of posts you have made in that thread.

    This icon means that the thread was moved; opening a thread with this icon will automagically transport you to the new location. No extra fare is required for this service.

    Small icons to the left of a thread title

    The thread is a “Stickie” thread, pinned to the top of the forum because it’s considered important or especially helpful. It’s a good idea to read Stickied threads before posting.

    Clicking this takes you to the first new post in the thread.

    The thread contains a poll.

    Small Icons at the end of a Thread Title

    You are subscribed to the thread and will be alerted when new posts are added.
    TIP: For more on thread subscriptions see FAQ: Everything You Wanted to Know About Thread Subscriptions.

    There are deleted posts within the thread.

    You can “rate” threads, if you like. From inside the thread, at the top of the thread towards the right in the medium blue stripe is a Rate Thread menu. Five stars is the highest rating; ratings are averaged.

    TIP: Use stars to highlight really good threads by rating helpful or interesting or thoughtful threads highly.
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