My English class required me (with a grade attached) to submit something for my school's literary magazine. By required I mean that I really would not be that interested in it since the rules for prose are restrictive (one page maximum, I can't make something compelling out of that!). So, since I knew I could never get a story out in one page I just wrote something really descriptive (a post-apocalypse type description) fiction thing with the theme that despite all of this has happened we will rebuild.

A few days back someone I know who isn't at all good at anything academic related claimed he was getting published. I just shrugged my shoulders, knowing that I wasn't really set on being in my school's literary magazine anyway. Today, my teacher hands me a piece of paper with my work attached. It's a standard piece of paper which tells you your work got accepted and here are the revisions you need to do.

Now all I need to do is proofread it (grammar, spelling, structure), do a few bureaucratic things (replace my ID number with my name, send a word document to the head of the magazine), and most heart breakingly; shorten it. I have a full page within the boundaries but they want it reduced to 2/3... I'm scared about cutting stuff out since I don't know what makes the flare and pizzaz of the work.

I wrote this before coming here, which surprised me that I got accepted, since I felt I really have learned things since coming here. While I haven't written recently I feel I learned a bit. So I just wanted to share this with you guys. I would post it here and ask for opinions but I think it's property of the English department now. I went from being indifferent about this magazine to being excited!