I haven't been able to determine the best place to post these thoughts so, if this is the wrong place, please move it.

This is the third forum that I joined in the past eighteen months since I decided to try my hand at serious writing. On one, I tired quickly of the condescension, egos, and inaccuracies that I found in some of the critiques, rendering them valueless. On the other, I tired of the mind games that some members were playing, rendering that forum useless when trying to contribute to the cause.

Although I became aware of AW via posts elsewhere, I was lucky enough to stumble into it independently while walking along the sidewalk outside a couple weeks ago. I am, at times as Purple Rose allowed, addicted to AW on some occasions, to the detriment of my writing time. However, I enjoy the civilized discourse, insightful and certainly knowledgeable critiques and, of course, wit displayed on this forum from around the globe.

The recent, roiling row with Mr. Stefan,, was a bit of a shock with my first cup of coffee this morning but, I suppose, not unpredictable. Since joining, I check in often on new members and I noticed that after he first joined, upon his third or fourth post, one could envision his figuratively placing a chip on his shoulder in his posts. I saw no motivation for that; however, in retrospect, it was an indication that he had an agenda beyond the obvious.

As I scrolled through relevant threads, I was proud of kaitie for her attempts at civil diplomacy, Terie for her objective view to the approaching storm, Stacia Kane for her upstanding, stalwart responses and, of course, the indominable cooeedownunder. Last, but certainly not least, I was happy (okay, damn it, and proud) of you, Mac, for the way you handled the situation, insistent that civility and some decorum, Haggis notwithstanding , be followed here. It follows that, with those simple attributes, this forum will continue to be a productive, educational endeavor for all members. I only hope that I voice the gratitude of all members to you and those mentioned above for shepherding this motley flock.

You're a class act!