My first novel is a heroic/high fantasy. However, instead of ancient-medieval technology we have become used to, the world in the book is at a level of technological advancement almost identical to ours, particularly military technology. There are things like cars, planes, satellites, computers, even UAV's. However people still maintain a Victorian/19th century culture.

Lately I'm worried that this approach will seem a bit... silly. Don't get me wrong, I like this approach, but I'm worried that people will think I'm just trying to find an easy answer to problems that could be solved much more creatively with the level of technology found in traditional fantasy.

I know many of you are probably thinking I should just reclassify the genre as Sci-Fi. It's not Sci-Fi. There are supernatural elements that are crucial to the plot; however they will manifest themselves in more subtle ways than we're used to in traditional fantasy, no wizards and liches. The more "down-to-earth" aspects will steal the show for most of the story. The supernatural elements will be more spiritual in nature, exerting their influence from behind-the-scenes. So that's why I don't really classify it as Sci-Fi, technology will have a lot of face-time, but it's involvement will be more-or-less superficial.

So what do you think? Would modern technology be an interesting and unique element to add to the fantasy genre, or would it just come off as being silly and unnecessary?