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Thread: Atlanta Nights - The Movie!

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    Atlanta Nights - The Movie!

    I've purchased the rights, figured out how to make it work, and am now raising funds for the production of Atlanta Nights, the movie.

    I was inspired by both the story of the book's creation, and the tireless efforts of industry pros to help spread the word about literary snags and scams. (Before I found AW, I didn't even know there was such a thing.)

    With all the info already available, I kept wondering why we weren't reaching more people - people who might not be as internet savvy, perhaps, or maybe they're just so excited about getting a 'yes' that the warnings go unheeded.

    There's not much to do with the latter, but maybe we can use another medium to reach more of the former?

    So I decided to make the movie.

    Right now, I'm in the process of raising funds to make it happen. I'd love if you guys could check out the site, watch the video (donate if you're inclined), and help spread the word.

    The Atlanta Nights Project

    Thank you all!
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