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Thread: The Sparkly Side of Life

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    Smile The Sparkly Side of Life

    I think the sacrificial pens offered to the writing gods were out of ink. Or maybe they wanted the ones that write in purple. Whatever it was, it seems they're not happy and people are just dealing with crappy stuff. It's happened to me, to a bunch of people I know, and even to AW, with a wave of nasty trolling.


    I thought we could cheer each other up with the big and little things that make us smile and think, even if for just a second, "Man, it's good to be alive".

    It could be a big accomplishment, a rep, whatever. Doesn't have to be writing related. Just happy. Like this:

    Today, I was rummaging through a drawer full of old socks. Tucked in the back, I found a drawing the big kidlet made who-knows-when, of a multi-colored heart with the words I love you. She's made quite a few of those, but that one felt like a late Christmas present.

    Now, go ahead.

    Share the happiness.
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    Lady Sparkles, SparklePony, The SparklePony of DOOOOOM, Sparkles, Sparkles McModderson, The Sparkler, Sparklegee, The Sparkling Portuguee... I think I see a pattern here. Oh, and Horny McPoarny.

    We all smile in the same language

    Life getting you down? Come get a pick-me-up.

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