Since I saw a gardening post in here, and there's no arts&crafts section, this thread seems the most appropriate for domesticity-related questions.

I'm just wondering if there are any other writers with a passion for knitting floating around in this forum. What I'm wondering is whether anyone else makes projects inspired by their characters? Or, conversely, if you knit projects inspired by movies and books you like?

Examples of this could include, for example, a Harry Potter house scarf, any of the many knit projects featured in the Twilight movies (Scoff if you must, but some of those patterns, like Rosalie's hat, are pretty cool-looking!), the Scott Pilgrim snail hat, a Doctor Who scarf, anything with a Star Wars or Star Trek insignia added, or modeled after a character, like a hat with Yoda ears. (And yes, I have made everything on this list myself, LOL).

My story has taken me into the winter months, and I can't help but imagine specific styles on my characters. Is it weird to knit something for an imaginary character?