Your newest work has just swept the English-speaking modernized world. The United States, Commonwealth, India, and Singapore are all in love with your writing ability. You have gotten 2 million United States Dollars so far and can see more coming along with a movie. (after all, 2 million is the new 1 million) So what would you do with that 2 million dollars?

(Note all of our responses will be different based off the stage of life we're in)

First off, a $500k thank you gift to my parents. Next, a $100k donation to the school I graduated from in 8th grade. That donation will be used for an award at graduation time where I choose the recipient based off his/her writing abilities of the '1000th Sun' Writing Award. (Replace 1000th Sun with my name). Now that $100k to be spread over years can last for generations so probably most of it ($75k) should go towards the school.

I'd probably put aside $400k for my education. I'd love to spread that out so I can go to school, get a 4 year degree then get a masters (or go up to doctorate if the field would give that). Then depending how how much I have left, go for another degree, hopefully a minimum of a 4-year but hey another graduate level degree would be cool.

Now since a minor can't own land I'd use my parents to own the $800k worth of land I'd buy since after all now is the time to buy. Then I'd rent out the land while keeping a good property to myself.

The rest of the $200k I'd donate tiny fractions of it away while keeping a lot of it on hand for my life now. (I won't lie about my greed )