I am struggling with where I want to put my writing outside of what I write for other people. I have a website, and I do have a couple blogs. The website is for my professional copywriting, but I havenít dedicated much to the blogs because I keep getting conflicted.

Iíve read that itís better to just network your own blog and keep all the Adsense income vs. writing on say Hubpages (or the like) and splitting it. Yet, if I donít have time to network then writing on those platforms may be a better option because it would at least be SOMETHING. I think... Maybe...

But I donít want to send my work out into the big wide world when part of me feels like whoever is searching for whatever keyword can just find the information other places and get what they need to know.

And I REALLY am not keen on writing the same articles in 4 different places then just linking them to each other just to make a few cents wherever I can. Thereís way too much of that out there, and it drives me nuts. I understand SEO but Iím not about to write simply to keyword popularity and backlinks.

I want to write unique articles that I am proud of, but Iím afraid of the whole ďthereís nothing new under the sunĒ idea. Is it worth trying to compete in the keyword battle?

My goal is not to make a bunch of money writing articles. A few extra bucks is nice, but Iím more about having a byline and an outlet I can be proud of. I don't mind writing for others, but it's what I'm writing for myself and where to put it that is conflicting.

I feel ridiculous feeling so lost when I've read so much and studied so hard on what my options are. Especially when I know I CAN write and I love it.

Does any of this even make any sense? Are there any suggestions out there for me?